The services of a Personal Identity Tailor

Your image designed, tailored, and sewn for you

How others see you depends on how much you appreciate yourself
and how you choose to present yourself

The Sartorial Personal Identity project, based on the ESSERE method, is an innovative program that helps you build an image that authentically represents you and communicates your uniqueness. This process is inspired by the art of high fashion tailoring. I, Maria Castaldo, personal identity stylist, together with Giovanni Fabiano, lead the Fabiano&Castaldo team to realize this exclusive project

What I do for you

As a personal identity stylist, I dedicate myself to studying and designing your image based on your values and distinctive characteristics. The tailoring metaphor perfectly describes our approach and technique

What we do with the Sartorial Personal Identity

  • We study the fabric – We identify your unique qualities and strengths.
  • We design the pattern, cut, and sew – We develop a personalized strategy to enhance your qualities.
  • We organize the fashion show – We present the result and guide you in communicating and presenting your peculiarities in an authentic and captivating way

Do you also

  • Feel the need to see your abilities valued?
  • Are you tired of adopting communication strategies that do not reflect your values?
  • Want your image to completely reflect your identity?
  • Think you deserve greater success and want to feel more authoritative in your profession?

With the Sartorial Personal Identity, we can help you

  • Identify and enhance your peculiarities to make them stand out in any context
  • Build a communication plan that truly speaks about you, who you are, and what you can do in a unique way
  • Design, cut, and sew an image that, like an elegant tailored suit, fits you perfectly and highlights your beauty
  • Build a personality capable of asserting its authority and competence, attracting your target audience

Wear your Personal Identity

Choose to become the protagonist of a great story, yours, instead of being an anonymous extra in others’ lives


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